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Enable match recursive only option

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Hi all,


In the DNS view General>Advanced there is an option ‘Enable match recursive only option’ but I’m not sure if I understand the use of it.

Help says: When you select this option, only recursive queries from matching clients match this view.


When would you use this option?

Isn’t this the same as filtering clients on member level with an ACL on ‘Allow queries from’ and match an ACL on ‘Allow recursive queries from’?



Re: Enable match recursive only option

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No they are different, the first one allows you to select which view should be used dependent on the client setting the "recursion desired" bit in the query. You might have a server that has one view with recursion enabled and another with recursion disabled. So you can use the "match recursive" option to ensure the correct view is selected.


The second one simply allows you to configure an ACL to define which clients can send you recursive queries and is not specific to any particular view.

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Re: Enable match recursive only option

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So when you select this option and a client queries the server, you don’t need an ACL on the server to match the client (recursion desired) to the right view?




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