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Evaluation license expired but DNS service still running well

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My client has DDI Box with temp license, everything seems to be working fine (service is running, can add record etc, dig query passed) even after it's passed the expiry date. why?


Infoblox > show date

Wed Jun  7 09:13:47 ICT 2023


Infoblox > show version

Version : 8.2.9-383779


Hotfix  : N/A


Infoblox > show status

Grid Status: ID Grid Master

HA Status:      Not Configured


Infoblox > show license

Version : 8.2.9-383779



License Type : DNS 

Expiration Date : 06/06/2023

License String : DeAAAD7i74NhSKHQkRaHPu2YOUwWaq==


License Type : DHCP 

Expiration Date : 06/06/2023

License String : QaAAAD7k/48sQeWa21iFPOzXJkAW7Y6=


License Type : Grid 

Expiration Date : 06/06/2023

License String : HGBAAD/i6JoiAK+PnkHLPeaYbAUd6n9Ec4ujyU7=


Re: Evaluation license expired but DNS service still running well

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Has the appliance been rebooted since the licences expired? You may find that if anything happens to the DNS/DHCP service (e.g. stop/start or reboot), then they won't come back online.


The evaluation licence expiry is handled differntly to production licence expiry but I believe that the behviour was a little different back in 8.2.


Be aware that NIOS 8.2 is very much end-of-life. If they are evaluating the product, they should be on 8.6 or possibly 9.0.

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