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Extensible attribute inheritance

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  would anyone know is it possible for the host record to inherit the extensible attribute? I have created an extensible attribute lets say called : Color  . This attribute was assigned to type specific of resource record, zone,host, and ipv4network(i have no idea why this is a must the ipv4network).  I made this attributed mandatory, and selected true for inheritance. 
When i create my zone :


I will be ask at the end about the value of Color attribute. I say 'green'.

Then i go inside the zone, and create an A record. At the end it states that the value for Color attribute is 'green' , its fine with me, because all records in ZoneA , has to be green.

Then i create a 'host' record, and here at the end when its about to select value for the attribute, the value of Color is equal to my default value of attribue, and not the Green, which is supposed to be inherited.

So that leads me to think that 'host' object is not under zone in hierarchy. Could someone confirm ? Is this doable so that even host record would inherit from zone ? Any idea if there is any chart of / hierarchy of inheritance ?

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Re: Extensible attribute inheritance

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i just found in documentation this sentence:

Network View - Network Container - Network - Range - Host/Fixed Address/Reservation.

Which is the inheritance. that has Host inside. I thought that the Host would be under the zone.

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