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Permission via Extensible attribute

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Hello all,

  i was learning today how to create permissions inside infoblox DDI, and i am bit puzzled. Could anyone confirm/deny this ?
Let's say i have a zone  '' i enable extensible attribute 'owner' with value 'greg'
Then i go to permissions, create a permission via group to which greg is assigned, and i do object permission in filters i select extensible attributed 'owner' i indicate that value has to be 'greg'. It find the correct zone, and then i add the permission.

But this does not work dynamically. Let's say that tomorrow i will create '' i will also enable extensible attribute 'owner' of 'greg' on it. And the user will not have automatically permission to add records to it. I would have to open the permission page again, use the object selection, click find again and add the new zone that will be shown there.

Am i missing something somewhere ? Is this even possible to make this work dynamically ?
If i will have at the end a zone created every day, it would be painful to do this process everyday. 
The only thing i could come up with , is to write a script that does this for me every couple of hours to refresh this permission, but was wondering if this functionality is maybe already there.
In that way i think the Smart folders work. I create a new smart folder called 'greg zones' and i create it using a filter about extensible attribute 'owner' of 'greg' value.

Thank you in advance

Re: Permission via Extensible attribute

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I have this problem and I'd like to know if there is a way to set permissions based on an extensible attribute that doesn't require us to manually add that object to the group permissions evertime we add new data.

Re: Permission via Extensible attribute

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Not possible right now afaik. Issue a Feature Request

Re: Permission via Extensible attribute

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Thank you, i have reached out to infoblox rep about this.

Any idea if there is some maybe website about feature requests or should we go via infoblox rep about this ?

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