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External Bind DNS as external secondary DNS grid member

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We have several external facing Bind DNS servers and an internal Infoblox Grid. Is it possible to configure the external Bind DNS servers as a secondary server that would get updates from the Infoblox Grid as an external DNS server for specific zones? So we would have an internal view and an external view. The external view zones would push standard DNS notification of changes within that zone to the external Bind DNS servers. This would let us manage the zone and zone records from Infoblox and eliminate the need to make changes to the external Bind files via a CLI text editor.  Has anyone tried something similar?

Re: External Bind DNS as external secondary DNS grid member

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I would like to implement the same kind of solution.

Have you tried to implement this and is it working ? 


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Re: External Bind DNS as external secondary DNS grid member

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While this sounds like a normal approach, you have different options to adopt. You may have dedicated Infoblox stealth internal masters from which the External servers could pull the zone data, use any existing Infoblox servers leveraging DNS views(A separate view called "External" or something), or you may consider having all this in an entirely new Network view within the same grid - for any administrative reason etc. So this all depends on what works best for your environment/use-case.


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