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Failure DHCP

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Hi everyone !


I'm currently working on a POC with Infoblox solution for my company. The solution would be to migrate entirely the management of our ancients DHCP DNS servers to infoblox itself.

To avoid problems on our production network, i created 2 machines on Azure to create a replicated AD and DHCP which apparently works on both azure machines, i mean at least graphically speaking. Indeed, The scopes are automatically replicated on each dhcp servers. I use the same domain name for the second server in order to have a failover AD as well. When i run the microsoft server test, severals errors appears.


The first server which is hosting the DNS and AD has one reccurent error MS_LDAP_WKST_REACHABLE_PLAIN


The second one (only hosting an AD based on the first server) have the same one  and others one like those one  MS_RPC_DNSP_REACHABLE  and MS_RPC_SCMR_DNS_STATUS.


If you need more informations to evaluate the situation, i would be glad to provide it to you guys. 


Now, i have infoblox hosted on a server which is hosted on a different network than my 2 azure machines. I opened the network streams in order to have connectivity between infoblox and my 2 machines hosted on Azure.


It works given that i've connected successfully my 2 machines on infoblox and now the scopes can be directly change onlive either if the change comes from the windows dhcp manager or infoblox itself.


The only problem is about the dhcp failover solution. It's detected by infoblox but still in failure even though i gave a scope to my dhcp failover association. It seems to work on windows dhcp manager but it doesn't on.


Can you help me to figure it out which solution can fix this issue, please ?

Is it related to the errors that i bumped into on the Microsoft server test ?


Thank you by advance !

Re: Failure DHCP

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Large (several hundred clients in this one subnet, which is one of 6) LAN space. A windows 8.1 client was refusing to connect to the network but was not presenting any error messages, it just wouldn't connect. When I executed ipconfig /renew from the command line I would get a warning that the IP assigned by the DHCP server was already in use on the network so my client was dropping the IP given. I assigned a static IP address and life was good.

Is there a log/event somewhere that will give me the IP address that was assigned by the server, the one that supposedly exists on the network already? I'd like to track down that device to find out what it is.

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