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Forti FireWall question

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Hi team, I am currently trying to integrate Forti Firewall with Infoblox NIOS.

What I have completed are here:

1. In fortinet side, I have completed everything. (I know it because in other NIOS, it works)

2. All the license are installed.

3. DNS, DHCP, RPZ, Discovery is done.

4. Extensible Attributes are added as guide.

5. template, JSON files are uploaded which are downloaded from Infoblox community

6. Added REST API Endpoint.

7. Added notifications

8. Recursion is allowed

9. RPZ is added


I have two NIOS environment now.

For one, it is integrated with FortiGate FireWall (This is not I have done).

For another one, I have completely did the same things I think, but it is not working.


My prediction is that I didn't configure threat insight, I just installed the temp_license of Threat Analytics license.


Does someone could help me?

Re: Forti FireWall question

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I have solved the problem,

I should have done discovery in IPAM first, and I have to add Extensible Attributes on IPv4 Network.

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