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Remove or reclaim reserved range

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Hey there, 


I need to free up some addresses and the only ones available are currently reserved.


How do I free them up for use?


This isn't obvious how to do this and I'm struggling to find any information in your documentation for this process. How do I achieve it?


Thank you.




Re: Remove or reclaim reserved range

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Hello rndmusr,


Welcome to the Infoblox community. You may achieve this task via API, direct deletion from UI or through CSV import/export. If you have many such reserved addresses, the easiest option to clear them all woild be a CSV import with DELETE operation. Here's how you can do it :


*Taking the possible impact into consideration, please procure a grid backup before trying this.*


1) From the toolbar on the right, click on "CSV Job Manager"

2) Select "CSV Export"  & click on the + icon from the right top.

3) Now from the object selection, uncheck all by unchecking the box right under "Separator".

4) Now put a check mark next to "IPv4 Fixed address" only & click on "Export data".


Now you'd get a CSV file with IPv4 addresses. Note that this file would contain both Fixed addresses binded to a specific MAC address & Reserved addresses binded to 00:00:00:00:00:00. You MUST remove the rows with the Fixed addresses & leave the Reserved addresses as it is for deletion. Once you've removed all Fixed addresses rows with a MAC binding, import the same CSV file back to the grid(With reserved addresses only). Here's the steps :


From the toolbar, select CSV Import -> select DELETE as the action -> Select the file modified above -> Review the items & then click on Import. Once this is done, reserved addresses in the file would all be added back to the pool AFTER a DHCP restart.


I highly recommend again taking a grid backup before executing these steps. The reason being that a human error during the file modification action may end up in the deletion of DHCP Fixed addresses binded to particular MAC addresses. 


Hope this helps!


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman 

Re: Remove or reclaim reserved range

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For those in a similar situation, if you go into DHCP view, you can then select those which are reserved and hit Delete. Then you need to restart the service which it prompts you to do. 

Re: Remove or reclaim reserved range

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Hey Mohammed, 


I managed to find out how to do this in the end but I appreciate your informative post nontheless.


Thank you.


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