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Getting invalid IP Address error while trying to Import IPv4-Network.

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Hi guys!


I was trying to import some IPv4 Networks and DHCP Ranges for my Infrastructure, I was able to make work the import with the proper headers





At first I was able to import like 3-4 Networks, but then I tried importing some DHCP Ranges, and after trying to import ranges I get the following error

"""Line 2: Update aborted due to invalid IP

The IP is correct, the netmask is correct, and they are under containerized networks. I can do ADD without problems, but I can't do Overridden, Merge or any other action rather than add.


Is there any way to solve this? Or is there anything that I don't know of?


Best regards.

Re: Getting invalid IP Address error while trying to Import IPv4-Network.

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It sounds like you're trying to import ranges, using a networks type CSV file.  For a good example, you can export an existing range and see what the file would look like.  Many of the exported fields will be blank, they are not needed for an import.



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