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Grid Member local management

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I've seen a statement from Tony that said "Grid Members will continue to operate, but in an offline state. Any updates will be queued until connection is restored, at which point these updates will be synchronized with the Grid Master."


Are there any DNS/DHCP management options for/at the Grid Member at this point?  If the Grid Member can't communicate with the Grid Master due to a severed network link between the two, are there any options (local GUI or CLI) for managing (add/modify/delete) DNS & DHCP records?  In my branch office, I understand that DNS/DHCP services will continue to run.  However, what about local management?



Re: Grid Member local management

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The only means of managing an offline member locally is via the CLI. Most of the CLI commands are member/ appliance specific and can be used to change the settings/ configurations locally. For example, you can use the below command to transfer the zone data from the primary server whether offline or online. 


* set dns transfer zone [dns_view]


And, the below one to delete an A record


* dns_a_record_delete

Plese note that not all the functionalities, protocol specific configurations are manageable via the CLI commands. Here is a snippet from the admin guide about a few additional CLI commands for  your reference.



For more details, you may go through the Admin guide / CLI reference guide. It is always recommended to first test any changes in a lab setup that may have any impact in the production 

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