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Handling DNS queries for any domain other than preferred one

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I have setup my Infoblox env on AWS. For any DNS requests made to my Infoblox DNS Services, I want to respond to the queries made only for a particular domain lets say For DNS queries made to any other domain other than, should be transferred to a different DNS Server outside Infoblox setup? 


How is this achieved? I see from the documentation that we have to define Named ACLs and then add them to DNS Queries under Grid DNS properties. While creating a Named ACL, I selected TSIG and entered  the name as Rather I am unsure if this is how it should be handled for the above scenario.


Any help/insight on this is greatly appreciated.



Re: Handling DNS queries for any domain other than preferred one

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Is the zone new?  If so, go to Data Management, Zones, and create a new authoritative zone.  If the zone, in your example, already exists, then create a forward zone to send to whatever exsitng DNS server hosts the zone.  Finally, configure either the appliance or global DNS configuration to forward all queries to your other service "outside Infoblox."


Might look like this with queries going to Infoblox.


Existing (AD?) DNS   <-- Infoblox --> Caching/Other Internet DNS

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