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Hardware clock on Gridmaster

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During our upgrade from Nios 8.4.4 to 8.5.1, we ran into an issue with NTP services.  When the Gridmaster came up post-upgrade it was unable to sync the system time to the public NTP servers, the logs indicated they were all unreachable (ie: network was down at the time).  So it started up with (presumably) whatever the hardware clock said the time was, which turned out to be 250+ seconds into the future.  This caused 2 issues for us:


1) It took more than a week for NTP services to drift back to the correct time.  Support said there was no way to accelerate this process as it could cause serious issues.

2) Our reporting server is a VM which got its time from our windows domain.  The windows domain gets its time from the public clocks, so there was a huge difference in time between the GM and the reporting server.  This caused the reporting server to infinitely restart, for integrity reasons it will refuse to join back into the grid if the clocks are that far off.  


Which leaves me with one big question:  How can I tell what the current hardware clock is on the GM?  I'm concerned that if I reboot the GM this will happen all over again.  I tried asking Infoblox support by updating my case, but they don't seem to understand what I'm asking.  



Re: Hardware clock on Gridmaster

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Been there done that got the scars, check out my post and responses from Infoblox, it'll hopefully answer your questions...


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