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hardware end of life

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I would like to know the EOL annoucement for the below devices, 


can anybody help me with the link from infoblox.


Re: hardware end of life

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Hello Adamgibs7,


The Infoblox Product Management team has not yet planned an EoL date for the IB-1405, 1415, 2205 or 2215 appliances. If and when a plan is determined, a public announcement will be made to provide ample notification and support plans. We hope this is helpful. Thank you for your inquiry.

Bob Rose

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Infoblox NIOS DDI & Value-Added Services

Re: hardware end of life

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has hardware EoL for TE-2205 been determined yett?

Re: hardware end of life

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They can confirm the EoL of the teams and if there is any replacement plan in the short term, the Trinzic teams 4015 have been in operation since 2018.

We want to mitigate risks of possible failures.


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