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How to export specific subnet

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I need to move a large number of mac fixed addresses from one subnet to another. I figured I would export the current and reimport those macs into the new subnet. Is there a way to export only one subnet?


Thank you

Re: How to export specific subnet

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No, and you'll need to export the fixed-addresses objects rather than the network object anyway. I am assuming you are running NIOS. If so, you can go to Data Management and launch the CSV Job Manager and choose CSV Export. From this screen, you can choose what type(s) of objects you want to export in the CSV format. You can select all IPv4 Fixed Addresses for example.


Then it's just a matter of editing the CSV file to remove the ones you don't need (from other subnets), and do a search-and-replace to change the network addresses for all the entries. 


Hope this helps.

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