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Importing CSV to Create TXT/SPF records.

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Hey, all.


I have approximately 500 domains that I now need to add spf -all records for. Obviously this is something that I do not want to do by hand and I am positive this can be done through a .csv import.


However, I cannot find how to format the .csv file (i.e. the template) with which to import the data into.


Is this something as simple as having a .csv file with the following columns and data:


Name	           Type	 Matched Property  Matched Value	
Zone/Domain-Name TXT Record Text String (SPF string)

Or will I need a different format?





Re: Importing CSV to Create TXT/SPF records.

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I think you may have looked at the wrong documentation?


NIOS 8.2 TXT CSV Format:



TxtRecord,,default,"v=spf2 -all"


Above example would import a TXT record with FQDN in the default view with value "v=spf1 -all"


The Infoblox CSV format always starts with a header row.  The data rows always begin with the data type.  The data type matches a header (begins with Header followed by a dash).

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