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info-blox as public DNS won't resolve just one site

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Hi ,


info-blox with version 6.5.10-210315 and hardware IB-250-A (standalone) with gridmaster and canditate.


Doesnot resolve intermittently.

No firewall block



How do i proceed with this issue and t-shoot to confirm no issue with the box?

how to check for any cache which holds any records?

what are the logs to look out for.


client>>local dns>>rootdns>>infoblox (with two public IP's  ISP DNS).





Re: info-blox as public DNS won't resolve just one site

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There are multiple steps that might be involved with troubleshooting this. The first thing you would want to do is run a Traffic Capture on the server while testing this query and then see what is happening with that query. Based on that, you may need to review the settings on this, or another server. Probably not as helpful, the cache can be downloaded through the Grid Manager GUI under Data Management -> DNS -> Members, enable the check box for the server and find the option in the vertical menu on the side of the page.


Infoblox Support is a great resource for troubleshooting issues like this and providing the guidance for collecting and reviewing the necessary data.




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