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Infoblox and Microsoft

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I don't know if I have actual questions or just needed to vent.

I convinced my director that it was worth trying Infoblox for IPAM as a years subscription would cost us as much as upgrading solarwinds to handle all of our addresses. I used it in my previous job for DHCP, DNS, and IPAM. After talking with IB about how this would work with Microsoft doing DHCP and DNS at all of our locations I was assured we could just use IPAM for now.

A month and a half into our subscription I still can't get our main zone to sync over. Every time I talk to support on the phone they spend a little time trying things, have me send them the logs, and then vanish off the face of the earth until I call them again.

I know the way we are using it is a little strange, it can do so much more, but isn't this kind of basic? Is anyone else syncing a zone into Infoblox from Microsoft? If you were planning a migration from one to the other you would get them to sync first right?

Re: Infoblox and Microsoft

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Yes it is indeed one way to migrate and once the data has been synced over, we should be careful enough to break the sync and then modify name server associations on Infoblox as required. Because, you do not want the changes to immediately propogate to MS and cause and outage if MS is in production.


If your DNS data sync from MS did not work at all, could you please elaborate on the what errors you find while performing a sync test on the concerned MS server(s)?

What privileges do the AD user created for this purpose have? DomainUser/DNSAdmin/DomainAdmin?


I would recommend DNSAdmin if DomainAdmin privileges are too much?



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