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is it the IP we get when we do "show network"? when i type that IP in my browser i don't get anything
This thread has been very informative and useful. Given that the grid member is...
Where you able to solve that? I'm facing a similar issue that the option value needs to be a variable, with the actual IP being leased.
Hello, I have similar issue but in my case the target DHCP option is option 120...
I think EfficientIP is able to sync leases and ranges from MS DHCP without touching networks. You can define what will be pushed to IPAM. Infoblox can implement it similar way, or give admins a change to not synchronize networks from MS DHCP.
Thanks bkoshy, it was the suffixes that were causing my delay. The '.' at the end did the trick.
GUI access restored after backup restore: Infoblox > show security Infoblox ...
Old post but I add a reply as this is something that has been an issue multiple...
Hello, I believe it's because you have "| sort -utilization" in the search. Here "sort" limits the ouput to the top 10K results by default. Change it to "| sort 0 -utilization" and that should do it. Best Regards, Bibin Thomas
@bkoshy How can we do the first step ie; Create an example FA with required fields manually via GUI?

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