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Infoblox member upgrade failed

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Hi all,

after upgrade tests in LAB. did a revert and new upgrade from 8.5.2 to 8.5.5.
Distribution and Upgrade Test were both successful.
4 of the 5 members completed the upgrade successfully.
One member gives the following message after the reboot:


1 of 1 node has failed upgrade - Upgrading: Syncing storage files...

We did:

* an additional reboot of the member

* reset database on this specific member and added the member back to the Grid

Unfortunately without any success.


[2020/06/12 08:02:57 UTC] Downgraded to: 8.2.7-372540
[2020/06/12 08:32:23] Upgraded to: 8.3.4-381259
[2021/06/02 16:23:52] Hotfix Hotfix-NIOS-8.x_J72655-cd44d34e8ef515265c4112027a57a907-Wed-Dec-11-11-15-07-2019.bin applied successfully
[2021/06/02 17:15:12] Upgraded to: 8.3.8-396619
[2021/06/02 17:23:20] Hotfix Hotfix-NIOS-8.x_J72655-cd44d34e8ef515265c4112027a57a907-Wed-Dec-11-11-15-07-2019.bin applied successfully
[2021/06/03 16:52:31] Upgraded to: 8.5.2-409296
[2021/06/03 18:08:03] Hotfix Hotfix-NIOS-8.x_J72655-cd44d34e8ef515265c4112027a57a907-Wed-Dec-11-11-15-07-2019.bin applied successfully
[2021/07/01 15:44:19] Reverted to: 8.3.8-396619
[2021/07/01 16:54:21] Upgraded to: 8.5.2-409296
[2022/03/18 13:33:26] Upgraded to: 8.5.5-50687-677a2087c8f6
[2022/04/15 09:50:23] Reverted to: 8.5.2-409296
[2022/04/15 11:57:20] Upgraded to: 8.5.5-50687-677a2087c8f6

Re: Infoblox member upgrade failed

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We have got the same code -Upgrade FailedUpgrade Failed


Is there a solution or workaround ?

Re: Infoblox member upgrade failed Upgrading: Syncing storage files...

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Upgrading: Syncing storage files...

Re: Infoblox member upgrade failed

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We are going to version 8.5.5-50687-677a2087c8f6

Re: Infoblox member upgrade failed

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Hi guys,

I have the same problem. Can anyone tell me how to solve it?


Thanks a lot

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