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Infoblox x AD Integration

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Hi all, I'd like to share the procedure to integrate Infoblox management Access x AD credentials 


Windows Side configuration:

Create a Group on the Windows Server (This group must be exactly the same in the Infoblox)

Infoblox-Remote Windows.png

Include Windows user in the group previously created, in our case Infoblox-Remote-Authentication.

windows group.png

Infoblox configuration:

Adding the AD Server to Authentication Server Groups

AD Authentication.png


There is no need to create a local user since the database will be AD Windows.


Creation of the Group in Infoblox, in my case Infoblox-Remote Authentication (same group previously created in Windows.


If the group is Superusers, check the option below, if not, the permissions can be configured under Permissions tab.


Add Authentication policy

add authentication policy.png

add authentication policy1.png

Testing Infoblox x AD communication

testing comunication.png

Map the remote admin group to the local group in this order

Map Remote Admin.png

Map Remote Admin1.png

See the user logged by AD trough the logs page

Administration => Logs => Audit Log

Audit Logs.png

Re: Infoblox x AD Integration

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Thank you very much for sharing the details screen shots. I have configured same in my lab and testing is successful.

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