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Inheritance for DHCP options

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We are looking to move one of our DNS servers to another network.  We have several hundred networks and about 20 of them are not inheriting grid DNS servers from the IPv4 DHCP Options section but are using the same servers.  I am planning to use the import function to force those networks to inherite the DNS servers from the grid level and have tested this successfully on a test network that is not live.  My question is that once this is performed on production networks, would there be any expected outage?  The grid level has the same servers configured as it stands and there is no reason why these networks could not be inheritied from the grid level.

Re: Inheritance for DHCP options

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I'm stuggling with this too - I've heard for years to submit this to support as a feature request.



...for years now and nothing has been done.  I thought this was an "Enterprise IPAM solution"!?!

Re: Inheritance for DHCP options

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We have not yet made the move.  Part of the DNS servers are routed on a legacy firewall that we are attempting to remove out the picture.  Not sure if this will involve moving the entire network over to our new firewalls at this point or acutally move the servers to a new network.  After further investigating with the new network, we also ran into an issue where IPv6 is not configured on that network and we require IPv6 and IPv4 with our equipment.  Right now this has been on hold.

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