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IPAM Subnets showing as all used in DMZ

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Hi all,


We have subnets in the DMZ that are now showing all the unmanaged IPs as used. if I run a multi-ping I can tell which IPs are actually in use. 


This doesn't happen to our subnets not in the DMZ.


Does anyone else have this issue? 


Re: IPAM Subnets showing as all used in DMZ

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Hello Joeyfine,


While i can't see the picture that you attached, i wanted to let you know that it is an Infoblox behavior to show all IP addresses utilised either in a DHCP range/fixed addresses to be be marked as 'Used' within IPAM - be it actually used by a client or not. But i'm doubtful about your statement, unmanaged IPs. Does this mean that those subnets do not have a DHCP server assigned under 'Member assignment' ?


Best regards,


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