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Is it possible to add the same network twice to IPAM?

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Due to a re-org, two groups are now trying to merge their IP management efforts. One group already uses Infoblox (v7.3.201-329349) and the other uses spreadsheets. We would like to get everyone in Infoblox, but as it turns out, both groups use some of the same RFC1918 blocks. Is there a way we can add the same network twice with a datacenter tag, or create some other container to put the networks in so that each group's network is tracked?



Group A uses, and and they are defined in Infoblox

Group B uses,, and and they are tracked in Excel and are added to Infoblox. Group B's cannot be added ("network already exists") and they must continue to use Excel



I am not that familiar with Infoblox - the original admin has now moved on - and I couldn't find any obvious solution in docs or the community, but perhaps I was just searching on the wrong terms. Thanks!

Re: Is it possible to add the same network twice to IPAM?

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This is actually a common use case and Infoblox handles this with "Network Views", where each Network View is its own routing domain/address space. You can create a new Network View under the Administration -> Network Views tab and once done, you will find a new dropdown menu at the top-left hand corner of the window under the Data Management tab.


For more details regarding Network Views, refer to the section titled "Configuring Network Views" in the NIOS Documentation (Administrators Guide).




Re: Is it possible to add the same network twice to IPAM?

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Thanks so much, I was searching for things like "duplicate networks" and couldn't find anything. It pays to know the domain better!


I created a Network View and threw a dupe in there, no error. Exactly what I needed!

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