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Lab Setup issue

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I'm trying to set up a lab environment to test a couple things and running into a few issues.


Due to VM concerns I'm not replicating our live environment 1:1 and it's all VMs, no physical appliances.


With the Lab Grid running, I took a backup of my production environment, then tried importing it. The import takes, which overwrites my Lab access credentials and such. Do backups restored like this leave accounts that don't overlap untouched (I.E. since the restore has an account called 'admin' it's overwritten, but if I create 'labadmin' account will it be untouched?


The more serious issue is after the restore I'm unable to access the GUI. I monitor via the console and give it time to work (I waited overnight my last attempt) but when I visit the GUI I'm redirected to "https://<labip>/ui" with an access desined error. Any thoughts?

Re: Lab Setup issue

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Are you still struggling with this?


All user accounts are overwritten. Any that existed before will get deleted.


Ideally you need to create a backdoor account so you can log in afterwards, unless you know the admin password.


If you don't know the admin password nor have a backdoor account, there is a way to reset the admin password inside the backup file before you restore it onto your grid master.


Basically you have to extract the XML file from the database.bak file (just use 7-Zip to unzip it), update the SHA "secret" for the admin account with a hash from a default admin account (which you can get by backing up an empty db with the default password), zip it all back up again and then restore the file into your grid. Then you can log in as admin/infoblox.

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Re: Lab Setup issue

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Can you please help me describe the specific problem with the lab environment? 

Re: Lab Setup issue

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Could you give me more details of the part that needs to be modified in the XML file. I am also looking for a way to reset the password for a backup file that I have in my lab.



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