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LBDN - Round Robin and dynamic Failover

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Hi all


I am trying to ascertain if it is possible using LBDN for external domain, to be able to achieve load balancing and fail-over.


Currently we have 


1 IP in DC1

1 IP in DC2


The IP in DC1 is primary and the IP for DC2 is only served for the domain if the IP in DC1 fails a health monitor.


We wish to now go to a topology where we have:


2 IPs in DC1 using Round Robin Load Balancing

2 IPs in DC2 using Round Robin Load Balancing


We wish for the 2 IPs in DC2 to only be used if both IPs in DC1 fail the health monitor, essentially only failing over to DC2 if all IP's in DC1 fail.


I have asked our internal team who look after the InfoBlox platform if this is possible, but thought I'd reach out here as well Smiley Happy


 Would really appreciate any help on this one.


Kind regards and thanks.



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