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Log DTC idns_health, more online than offline

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I regularly find in the logs concerning the healthd process more ONLINE lines than OFFLINE.

To put it another way, I switch to backup IPs for no reason and a few seconds later I go back to the prod IPs.

My DNS servers are installed in AMER / ASIA / EUR.

I cannot explain this totally random problem.

Do you have an idea?



Re: Log DTC idns_health, more online than offline

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Hello Ericduval,


Normally, the healthd logs shows up when the health check for a DTC server transitions from ONLINE to OFFLINE or vice-versa. These logs can also be seen when there is a DNS/DTC restarts where there is no state change involved. May be that’s the reason why you see the same health state consecutively in the logs.


When you say that you are being switched to backup IPs intermittently, I ‘assume’ that DTC is configured in such a way that the DNS servers are supposed to provide Prod IPs ‘all’ the time and will switch to backup IPs only if the prod IPs are down.  (If this is not the case, I would request to share more info about your DTC configuration)


But if this is case, I would suggest checking syslogs if there was any state change for the Prod IPs when you’re not receiving the Prod IPs as an answer. If the healthd logs showed offline for the Prod IPs, I would suggest taking a traffic capture and see why the health check is failing.


Abjith Robinson.

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