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swapping out the box has OSPF

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Hi Guys,

We need swapping out many grid members which has OSPF enabled and anycast (will be EOL soon). But I am not sure how we can swapping out becuase if swapping with the new one the OSPF neighbourship going down and the device will be unreachable therefore will no access to gui. Also I couldnt find CLI command to config OSPF via the consoul port. is there anyone has hany soloution, experiences and steps to swapping out with less outage time?





Re: swapping out the box has OSPF

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Hi Babak,


You can swap the members on at a time so that even if one of the appliance goes down as part of the replacement, the other peers part of the anycast would be able to get the traffic. You can perform the replacement during a maintenance window or off business hours to minimize the impact.


If you aren't replacing the GM, you won't lose GUI access. Incase if you are planning to replace GM, then you can perform a GMC promotion so that your old GM becomes the GMC and then you can perform the replacement.


Please refer the below KB to know more about GMC promotion


KB 98: Promoting a Grid Master Candidate  




Alten Alexander

Re: swapping out the box has OSPF

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Thanks Alex, the think is if the new Infoblox hasn’t OSPF establishment during the swapping how can join that to Grid? I worry may not reachable because of OSPF establishments. Can I use MGMT link to login into the new device before join to the grid?

also the GM is in HA do think still needs do promoting yo GMC? I think during promoting all members globally going to reboot and will be a huge impact.
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