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Migrating 2 old Grid (6.x) into a fresh new one (8.4.6)

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Hi everyone,


I have a mission which consist of migrating 2 old Grids into a fresh new one.


The hardware and software as it is now :


  • 1 grid of 2 appliances (HA) IB-1550-A, version 6.12.7-281477
  • 1 grid of 2 appliances (HA) IB-1552-A, version 6.8.2-214008


The new appliances :

  • 1 grid of 2 appliances (HA) IB-1415, version 8.4.6-393507

The goal here is to migrate and merge the 2 old grids into the new one.


The 2 old grids are unsupported ATM, end-of-life and end-of-support.

They can't be upgraded to a newer version.


There is a ton of objects and it is not immaginable to do it by hand.


Currently i've only tried some basic stuff such as exporting the configuration in CSV and importing it into the new one, but I guess that the version difference is too big - it generates errors for 75% of the config' lines.


Does anyone has any advices to help me in my task? :-)


Any tool that can help? Any script on GitHub?


Anything would be appreciated ;-)


If nothing works we will probably just code it via the API, but it will take some huge analysis time and will be hard to verify the configurations afterwards.

Re: Migrating 2 old Grid (6.x) into a fresh new one (8.4.6)

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There is an upgrade path for 6.12 but you have to go via 7.3. Unfortunately you've skipped a generation in hardware that would have given you a path to 8.4.6. e.g a 1410 can run 6.12, which you could have then upgraded to 7.2/7.3.


You could try running a 1410 in VMware joining it to your grid (just use a temp license), then promote it to grid master, then upgrade it to 7.3. Then you'd need to get a 1415 image, join that to your grid and upgrade that to 8.4, then export the grid database and load it into your 1415 appliance.


You might even be able to load a 7.3 grid backup straight into 8.4, I don't know I've not tried it.

Paul Roberts
PCN (UK) Ltd

All opinions expressed are my own and not representative of PCN Inc./PCN (UK) Ltd. E&OE
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