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Migration UltraDNS to Infoblox

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Hello to all of you.

Currently in my environment we use UltraDNS as external DNS.

We are migrating to Infoblox, however, in Ultradns we have an APEX ALIAS type record and in Infoblox there is no such thing as that name.

What does APEX ALIAS do in UltraDNS? It creates a redirect.

Example: I have a main website with the name but I have another domain called I currently have an APEX ALIAS entry in the domain pointing to That is, every time they access it is redirected to

My question is how to do this inside the Infoblox.

Thank you

Re: Migration UltraDNS to Infoblox

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I think Alias Records (not to be confused with CNAME Records) is what you are looking for.


An ALIAS record is a virtual DNS record type created for a standard record type to ALIAS the root domain (apex zone) to another name




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