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Microsoft DHCP

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We plan to sync DHCP from Microsoft Servers to two Infoblox Members (read only).


Do we need 2 Microsoft Management Licenses, 1 for each Infoblox member or does the license apply to the whole grid?

Re: Microsoft DHCP

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No you need microsoft license only for the appliance to which synchronize the data. e.g Grid master.

Re: Microsoft DHCP

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Hello There,


You can use an Infoblox grid master or any members(Except reporting/NI) to manage your Microsoft DNS/DHCP data from the IPAM. Depending upon who is going to serve that purpose(Master or any members), you would need to apply a Microsoft Management license on ALL of them. For more details, please read this whitepaper from Infoblox(Where they clearly specify this within the "Requirements" list) - note that this WP is about reports using the synced data, but the requirements section specifies about the license part you're looking for :


Infoblox also has a concept of "Grid-Wide licenses" which when applied once becomes applicable to the Grid master/members(which ever supports that GW licensed feature). So its a good idea to ask your account manager if Infoblox now offers(Grid Wide licensing for "Microsoft Management" - Which wasn't supported before). Good luck,

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