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Multiple Grid Primary in one zone

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Dear Expert,


This is just my query, with infoblox we can setup multiple grid primary in one zone, means we have multiple name server in SOA record. 


example i have 2 grid member , and i cenfigure both as grid primary in zone.local.


the question is what is the benefit and the usecase using this configuration rather then grid primary and grid secondary ?





Re: Multiple Grid Primary in one zone

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Hello Diki,


Lets say you have a zone with one primary and that primary is in Japan. The dhcp server is in US.

dhcp server should always send dynamic updates to dns server in Japan. There are chances of network delays.


 If you can spin up server in US and make that as another grid primary for the same zone. You can also configure that US dns server as default primary for the US dhcp server to send dynamic updates.



If you configure the US dns server as a secondary for this zone, updates will not happen as updates will go to the primary for the zone.


Do let us know if it clarifies.



Re: Multiple Grid Primary in one zone

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