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multpli server data

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hello everyone,

i'm pretty new to infoblox and i need your help:


in my grid there are 4 dns server that works both for internal and external, now we got 2 more servers, how can i check that the data in the new server are equal to the other four?


thx a lot,


Re: multpli server data

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I can think of a couple checks to ensure the number of zones is the same...


First, go to Grid, Grid Manager, Members.  Click chebox for the first of the DNS servers.  Click Capacity Report in the toolbar.  The Capacity Report will list counts of objects on the member.  Repeat, comparing the number of Zones listed.  If you wish, you could export each Capacity Report to a CSV file, open them all in Excel, then copy and paste them into a single Excel file to compare all the counts side-by-side.


Second, go to Data Mamgement, DNS, Members.  Click on a member name.  If you have DNS Views set up, click on a view.  You'll see all the DNS zones confgured on the member.  Compare the list (and count) with other DNS servers.  Pay special attemtion to forward zones as until recently, forward and delegation zones did not support name server groups.

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