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NIOS 8.4.x support matrix

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planning to upgrade our Grid/members from NIOS 8.0.5-351775 to NIOS 8.4.4, running on IB-820 appliances.

Getting conflicting info about supported appliance/version.


This link ( ) shows that One of the following supported Infoblox appliance models: Trinzic 810, 820, but a bit down getting different info:

Infoblox 800 Series

(Trinzic TE-810, TE-820Trinzic Reporting, TR-800Network Insight ND-800)


Can someone provide with a correct support matrix doc so i can plan the upgrade accordingly.


Much appreciated..



Re: NIOS 8.4.x support matrix

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You may please note that TE appliances are also known as the IB appliances. You may refer to the release notes for more details: .


Also, If you plan to upgrade your grid to NIOS 8.4.4, please review KB# 10754 before the upgrade for details on recently identified flaw. (



Vineeth Krishnan



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