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NIOS Upload failed

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HI all,


I have a problem with uploading a new nios images. Just doing it from browser ( do not know if there is other possibilities, is there? ) and each tieme have info about upload file. In meantime there is alo a information : 


"The system is taking longer than expected to complete your request. The system will continue to process any changes you made in the background. Please wait, then check whether your changes were applied. If you did a search, please refine your query and retry your request."
We moved even a jumphost to same subnet/ vm cluster where grid master is and still same result.  Upload not possibile. 
i do not know if this info is relevant but : 
curruent nios


i tried to upload various , e.g. nios-8.6.1-421683-2021-11-23-14-04-56_x86_64.bin


do you have any idea what is wrong ? 

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