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NTP on Passive Grid Master

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Hi All 


i am facing a very weired issue. 

we have 6 appliances hardware in grid and all are HA and 1 reporting vm.


The grid master 2 , internal dns 2 and external dns 2 with reporting1 .


i configured the ntp IP for each set of HA members are all are workin fine. 


the only issue i am facing is with the passive grid master appliance which is always showing out of sync in yellow, the color is yellow because the active grid master is syncing. 


i tried adding this ntp on grid level for gris master and also on memeber level but same issue. 


the more weired part is when i do a force failover the new active device which was before passive and was showing the ntp issue is not showing ntp issue any more as he becames new active gird master but the previous grid master which was active and was sync is ntp is actually now showing error. 


please advise if any suggestion to fix only passive appliance ntp issue in the grid i.e. grid master passive only. 


the mode is 825 hasrdware.


the ntp IP and LAN 1 IP of both grid master are in same subnet. the active master is always sync with ntp and passive is not syncing and showing error. 


Re: NTP on Passive Grid Master

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Could you please share the following?

1. Navigate to "Grid". Select the HA Grid Master (GM) and provide us a screenshot of "NTP member config"

2. "show ntp" output from the GM Active and Passive node CLI

3. Near simultaenous "show date" output from the GM Active and Passive node CLI



Best Regards,

Bibin Thomas

Re: NTP on Passive Grid Master

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Hi Bibin 


i gave the NTP on Grid level and left it for a day when i came and checked the passive which was showing out of sync now in sync....


thats weird..not sure whats the exact solution for this issue..maybe a cosmatic issue....!!


as per support the passive will show as out of sync but when i asked them y this is happening for only grid master HA and not for other HA in grid then they asked for remote the time we connect next day the issue was already resolved without me doing anything...



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