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Option 81 support inheritance does not seem to work

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I have enabled option 81 support on two of my DHCP servers, one server is new and one is already existing with some other networks assigned. I have created a failover association between them, but when I import networks via the DIW they only seem to have option 81 enabled on the new server, not the one that already has networks defined, even though it has option 81 support enabled in member DHCP properties.


Here are the properties of the existing member showing option 81 enabled:


ib option 81-1.jpg




But when I view the network I get the "multiple ancestors" warning and the viewer shows different settings in effect:


ib option 81-2.jpgib option 81-3.jpg


The only way around it seems to be to override option 81 support on each network manually, I have several hundred to do though, I don't understand why it is not inheriting from the member because it is set already. :-( Is this a bug? I am running NIOS 8.4.6. 

Paul Roberts
PCN (UK) Ltd

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