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Query statistics by domain

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Hello my esteemed community experts, 

I may have missed this question prior, tried searching but couldn't find it


Anyone that can assist with a query with input of domain X for last Y days, possible with choice of Member, receiving the total number of queries seen during this time?

Stats on different types of queries would be nice, not a definite need 


This is for evaluation of several domains for decommission, services or campaigns no longer in use. The report "DNS Statistics per Zone" seemed to do what I wanted but believe it more provides a few snapshot in time as it suggest our main domain only had ~200k hits during two weeks both internal and external.


Re: Query statistics by domain

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You're right, "DNS Statistics per Zone" might not provide the comprehensive query data you need. Here are some ways to approach querying statistics by domain.
If your website uses a web analytics tool like Google Analytics, you can use it to analyze query data for specific domains. Most tools allow filtering by domain and timeframes (Y days). You can also see different types of queries (search terms, referring sites, etc.)
If you have access to your server logs, you can analyze search queries made on your website. These logs might be more technical, but they offer detailed information about user queries.
For a more tailored solution, you could consider developing a custom script that parses your server logs or interacts with your web analytics API to extract specific domain query data for the desired timeframe.
Some cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer monitoring services that can track user queries and website traffic. These services might require some configuration based on your specific setup.

Including member data in your query might be more challenging. Web analytics tools typically focus on anonymous user data unless you have membership login integrated with your analytics. 
While query statistics are valuable, consider other factors when evaluating domains for decommissioning. These might include current website traffic, user engagement metrics (time on site, bounce rate), and the cost of maintaining the domain.

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