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Reboot node or nodes of a Grid using WAPI

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I am looking for an API to reboot a grid member nodes(s) using Rest API (/WAPI)? 


This is possible from the user interface from Control options of Grid member but I couldnt find any documentation in API. 


Appreciate the quick help.


Thank you.

Re: Reboot node or nodes of a Grid using WAPI

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Were you able to figure this out?


I realize this was asked 2+ years ago.  Hoping you were able to or bumping so maybe someone else has an answer.


Either way, thank you!

Re: Reboot node or nodes of a Grid using WAPI

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I just looked at the WAPI 2.12 guide, In the admingroup:machinecontroltoplevelcommands :
Toplevel commands, you can set boolean values for reboot, reset, restart, and shutdown. This allows the cli user to run the commands.  No command from API to run a reboot command.

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