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Reporting Tab

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Version 8.4.0 version of grid manager. I cannot seem to find the reporting tab? Could anyone point me in the righ direction? Below is what the documentaion shows.



From the Administration tab -> Reporting tab, click Grid Reporting Properties from the Toolbar.
From the Grid tab, select the Grid Manager tab and click the Services tab. In the Services tab, select the Reporting tab and click Edit -> Grid Reporting Properties from the Toolbar.

Re: Reporting Tab

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I am having the same problem.  I don't see a reporting tab anywhere.

Re: Reporting Tab

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The reporting tab will only be visible if you have a licensed reporting member joined to the Grid. If you have recently joined a reporting member and do not see the tab, log out of the Grid Manager and log in again. If you don't have a reporting member, you will need to purchase and deploy one prior to seeing the tab.

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