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Reserving next available network from multiple network containers

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Hi all. I am looking for input on how best to reserve a new network from multiple network containers that limits the amount of possible fragmentation. 


To give some background, we have 10 different types of network container groups, where each group has 10+ network containers, and each network container is normally a /16 or /17. When we decide to create a network that ranges from [/18, /28] under one of these containers we want to make sure that we find the 'best fit' contiguous segment from all of the possible network containers so that we can fully utilize all possible networks. Every work day we would normally handle multiple reservations and removal of reservations. 


If I understand correctly, this isn't possible across multiple containers and the only current API endpoint that is close to this is "get next network" I am wondering if anybody else has handled this kind of issue and also would like to get some insight on how get next network works. If it truly just reservers the next possible contiguous block or if it does a best fit type algorithm within that given container.


Any input on this would be great! Thanks!

Re: Reserving next available network from multiple network containers

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Hi Finkmp,


Sorry for the delayed response. Get next available is the only option for an automatic assignment, and it just returns the next available, best-fitting space that meets your requirement. I wish I could provide a better reply but that's essentially how it works. 



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