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Hi guys,

I have a NIOS-Grid in my main datacenters and about 50 BloxOnes in subsidaries.

The main DNS-Zone is replicated from the primary master (NIOS) to the BloxOnes upon notify.


The issue is that due to many updates in the master-zone this happens about 4 times / minute with about 10 MByte payload. Summed up that's about 8,5 TERRABYTE of data pushed through our WAN each month.


As you can image this is quite some data and I would like to reduce that amount.

Does anyone of you have a clever idea to do so?

.) I need that zone hosted on the B1s because they should be able to answer queries even if the WAN is down

.) I don't need the updates immediatelly since most of them are from client-computers registering / deregistering within DNS.


Is there a way to either lower the notify-frequency of NIOS or deactive Notify at all?


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