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Search for a MAC address

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Is there a global search I can perform to find all instances of a MAC address in the system?  Or do I have to search for it  separately in MAC filters, fixed addresses or other schema objects?  Would like to do a search in which the mac_address is provided and everything about that HA addr is returned.


TIA for any suggestions.

i Re: Search for a MAC address

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Hi Benngl,


If you are looking for a way to find the list of MAC addresses for which DHCP has provided a lease, you can navigate to Data management->DHCP->Leases->Current leases in the GUI and you can export it to check the list of clients involved.


If you are looking for a way to export data of all fixed addresses, MAC filters to check the MAC involved, you can perform a CSV export by navigating to Data management->DHCP->Networks->Toolbar->CSV job manager




Then you need to click on the add sign under CSV export, then you can select the set of fields for which you want the required data




Hope it helps Smiley Happy






Alten Alexander


Re: i Re: Search for a MAC address

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Thanks, Alten. Your reply helps a great deal. I should also post in the API community, b/c I'm ideally looking for a method to search for a MAC address whether it is:


- a static IP address assignment

- a DHCP filter

- associated w/an FQDN


It appears that I would need to search in different locations for each. Or is there a global search that will discover it regardless of its location?


Thanks, again, for your response.

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