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TE-1405-HW-AC compatibility with NIOS 9.0.1

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We are using Infoblox model TE-1405-HW-AC with software version NIOS 9.0.0 + Hotfix-CHF-, want to confirm if we can upgrade to NIOS 9.0.1 


Is it supported and is it stable.


As verified on the NIOS 9.0.1 Release Notes TE-1405-HW-AC is not mentioned under the supported platforms

Re: TE-1405-HW-AC compatibility with NIOS 9.0.1

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Your TE-1405 hardware will be licensed as either a TE-1415 or TE-1425 appliance.  Yes it is supported, as long as your appliance is under a support contract.  You can check with your account team to confirm.

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