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Upgrade NIOS 7.3.12 to 8.3.0

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Hi Members,


I would like to upgrade from the version 7.3.12 to version 8.3.0 (on the same virtual machine)


my Question :

1. where the format file upgrade to use, bin or bin2 ?

2. 8.3.0 are the stable version ?






Thanks in Advance


Re: Upgrade NIOS 7.3.12 to 8.3.0

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8.4.4 is the latest version, but the latest 8.3 version is 8.3.6, why not upgrade to that?


You can use .bin or .bin2, I really don't know why they have both these days.


Check the release notes for the supported upgrade path and list of all the bugs fixed.

Paul Roberts
PCN (UK) Ltd

All opinions expressed are my own and not representative of PCN Inc./PCN (UK) Ltd. E&OE

Re: Upgrade NIOS 7.3.12 to 8.3.0

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Thank you Paulr,



we decided to use this version to anticipate the possibility that in version 8.3 there were still unexpected bugs, if version 8.3.0 had an issue it could be upgraded to version 8.3.6

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