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URI DNS Record Type

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This article suggest to use NAPTR to create URI record types but I found this counter intuitive.

I instead found that I could use the Unknown Record Type to create URI records to craft the record properly.

Type has to be set to URI, 16-bit unsigned integer are use to show the Priority and Weight and the URI is in an ASCII String.



;; ANSWER SECTION: 900   IN      URI     0 100 ""

Re: URI DNS Record Type

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Sir, any chance you could post what you actually used for the Text field, as well as what you did to get the proper numbers for the Priority & Weight fields?

I'm currently attempting to create a somewhat similar record, but have been unable to access any field within the GUI editor that allows setting those fields... I've also run into a problem with the string not displaying properly when checking the record with a DIG (some of the characters get truncated). Not 100% sure if that's a bug or incorrect procedure.




Re: URI DNS Record Type

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if you have the zone "", for domain name you take "_kerberos" Type is "URI" and than you have to made three enries, adding with "+":

two 16-Bit entries for priority and weight (p.e. 0 and 100) and one ASCII entry with the string ""

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