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Using anycast on both interfaces LAN 1 and LAN 2 with different routing instance

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Hi All,


I have LAN 1 interface using anycast on VRF (or instance) "Anycast_1" with OSPF area "A.B.C.D" for example, and LAN 2 interface using too Anycast on VRF "Anycast_2" with OSPF area "W.X.Y.Z" for example.

Both interfaces are responding to DNS queries and in different VRFs (or instance).

Is it possible that the DNS server allow communication between these two VRFs (instance)? If no, how does the DNS make this routing instance separation, thus allowing queries destined to LAN 1 VIP not to be answered by LAN 2 VIP which is in a different VRF (routing instance)?



Paulo Fragoso



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