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Using the LAN2 Port with new IP address

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I my enviroment, we use 2 VRF's, to isolate my main network with units that don't use domain computers, in this way i have no routes between the networks, to increase the security.


Is it possible to set 2 ip's on infoblox, one for each VRF for delivery DHCP / DNS ?


Basically, something like it


LAN1 ip = - VLAN 10

LAN2 ip = - VLAN 200

Re: Using the LAN2 Port with new IP address

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There's no problem configuring LAN1 & LAN2 with IP addresses from different networks which cannot talk to each other(As long as you have the NICs(vNICs) connected to the right network). Only point you need to be cautious about is that the management interface on that grid member(With which it will establish VPN tunnel with the grid master) should have no access issues with the Grid master(Ports etc). Read "Ethernet Port usage" for more details from here :


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Mohammed Alman

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