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View Network Containers, Networks, and DHCP Scopes at the same time?

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I'm looking for a way to view DHCP scopes along with their parent container(s) at the same time, in the GUI. I can get what I want by exporting a CSV file, but it's huge and takes a long time, plus puts strain on our Grid Manager, so I'd really like something within the GUI.


I've played around with the Smart Folders, but am not finding what I want without creating an EA that I might be able to filter on.


Would love any ideas/solutions, especially ones that I can hand over to the Ops teams without a lot a knowledge transfer. Running NIOS 8.4.7.


Desired Output Sample:
Network Container                      Internal IPs

Network Container                  Region 1 IPs

Network                            Office 1 IPs

DHCP Range     Office 1 DHCP

Network                            Office 2 IPs

DHCP Range     Office 2 DHCP

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