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Vital QIP migration to Infoblox

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Hi Guys,


I am planning to migrate DHCP and IPAM from QIP to Infoblox using Data Import Wizard(DIW),We tried dhcp.db file,dhcp.conf file from QIP,but we are facing issues


Using DIW when we choose legacy server as Vital QIP DB then browse for DB file,the DIW shows empty even though there is dhcp.db file in the folder


We used dhcp.conf file as well for Migration and choose legacy server as lucent QIP,but dhcp.conf file of QIP contains only DHCP related information like (network and ranges) and not informations about fixed addresses(IPAM related information),thus only partial data was migrated 



Can someone please suggest what type of file should we export from QIP that contains complete data of both IPAM and DHCP and how it is done


Thanks in Advance

Re: Vital QIP migration to Infoblox

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Good evening, have you tried using the qip-dnscsv CLI command to extract your data in CSV format and then importing it using the infoblox DIW tool to import? 

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