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Poll DNS service status (SNMP)

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I recently started as a Network Engineer (first job) and got the assignment to see if it's possible to monitor the status of several infoblox services. So for example if the DNS service is up or down. I have been looking through the MIB but I don't really understand how this works. I see that IbServiceStatus ( has 5 values. But how do I poll the appliance to check if DNS service is working or not?

This is really new for me, I have been looking but couldn't find anything so I thought I'd post here as a last resort.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Poll DNS service status (SNMP)

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Working on a specific grid member, using IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB, if you look under object (ibMemberServiceStatusTable) you will find a sub-object (ibMemberServiceStatusEntry) with the following leaves:


ibServiceName (

ibServiceStatus (

ibServiceDesc (


If you query ibServiceName you will get a list of services and their relevant instance number.

The DNS service should be instance number 2. You can then query ibServiceStatus.instance_number and if you get a response 1 then it's working. Possible responses could be;




You could also get Infoblox to send you SNMP Traps if you have the IB-TRAP-MIB to translate the traps received. I found getting Infoblox to send just those specific traps a little cumbersome since you have to select an Event Type in grid notifications and not a single event.


Hope that helps.


P.S There is more to a working DNS system than just this service but it is a basic start.

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